fd’s Flickr Toys

I’ve mentioned fd’s Flickr Toys before, but as I’ve been making more use of the nifty free tools on offer there lately, I thought it would be a good time to be a bit more specific.

There are tools on offer to turn your photographs into all manner of strange and wonderful things – motivational posters, calendars, movie posters. Or you can add some really nice frames, or make it look like your picture is a Hockney or Warhol painting, or…. well, have a look, there’s lots on offer.

A lot of these tools are for any digital images – you don’t have to use Flickr to use them. But if you do use Flickr, and you’re not familiar with this site, you’re really missing out.

Add a Profile Widget like this:

Losing it[1]. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

to your Flickr profile, or to your website. It shows a selection of your images and is automagically updated for you. And it links directly to your Flickr Photostream.

If you want to know how your pictures are doing in Explore, the stunningly useful Scout will not only tell you which pictures are currently in Explore, but also all the ones that have ever been in there[1], and shows a history of the pictures movements up and down the Interestingness ranking. It’s probably only of interest to obsessive geeks, which is probably why I like it so much :laugh:

Not only that, but there are also games to play, and all manner of fun to be had. One final feature I’ll mention is Flickr DNA, which displays a nice summary of any Flickr user’s public details. You can see their recent images, their most “interesting” images, other people’s pictures that they’ve marked as favourites, and much more. Here’s my DNA:

View my DNA at bighugelabs.com

To use the Flickr features, you have to go through a painless process of authorising the site to have access to your Flickr pictures. You can cancel that at any time by logging in to Flickr and finding the right section in your account details.

Stand by for more Flickr stuff from me – I just renewed my Pro account for another two years. It wasn’t due to expire for a couple of months, but I decided to take advantage of the exchange rate. Sometimes, things being priced in US Dollars can be so nice…

[1] Well, all those that dropped out after May 24 this year, when it started tracking more data