Close the Internet!

I wouldn’t normally link to the Sun, but I heard Shaun Keaveny talking about this on the 6Music Breakfast show this morning and had to check it out.

Apparently Elton John thinks we should close the internet. As far as I can tell, his reasons for this suggestion are along the lines of “Waaah waaaah waaah!! I’m old!! I don’t understand!!!”

He’s also suffering from a severe case of oldusfartus nostalgiaitis, which causes people of a certain age to look back on some point in the past when everything was wonderful:

In the early Seventies there were at least ten albums released every week that were fantastic. Now you’re lucky to find ten albums a year of that quality.

That would be ten albums a week that seemed good at the time, assuming his figure is accurate and not hyperbole, or perhaps filtered through the haze of chemicals that he may or may not have imbibed at the time or since.

There’s a lot of new music coming out all the time – Elton might not like it, but that’s his problem….

3 thoughts on “Close the Internet!

  1. Twisty

    Quite right. It’s much the same with people “our age” – most are still stuck in the 80’s, listening only to 20-year-old music instead of tapping into today’s music scene. Personally, I much prefer the music of the aughts to the music of the 80’s, and you have to admit the hairstyles are better, too. :yes:

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