This is getting to be a habit

I was looking at the Losing it[1] home page after running that important update when I happened to notice my Flickr profile widget thingy, which told me that I had eight pictures in Explore, which is one more than I was aware of.

Really Interesting

Really Interesting

It seems a picture from some time ago has bubbled up a bit. And while some of the pictures have been popping in and out of Explore on a daily basis, at this precise moment, Scout shows all eight are currently in, which is lots more than I’ve had before. Here’s the list, in order of Interestingness[1]:

  1. Flares
  2. Through the Rainbow
  3. Graceful
  4. Burnt Out
  5. Blue
  6. Tynemouth Priory
  7. St Mary’s Cathedral (HDR)
  8. Going Home

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[1] I may have to stop listing them all if this goes on :grin: