End of the line for GNER

BBC NEWS | Business | National Express wins rail route

And so we approach the end of the East Coast main line farce. And overall, I think this should be a reasonably good result. For a start, it doesn’t involve Virgin[1] or Stagecoach[2]. And GNER’s management will not be anywhere near the operation. I hope that the existing train crews have a smooth transfer to the new operator[3], especially the nice people who serve breakfast at hideously early hours of the day.

I am a little concerned that National Express have committed to pay the government £1.4bn over eight years, as it was a similar arrangement that brought GNER down. This will no doubt be funded by yet more fare rises, mutter.

[1] Who have also lost the cross-country route, which should lead to improved services when I go to Leeds
[2] I’m not keen on them, either
[3] And I hope the inevitable new uniforms aren’t too naff

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