People who know me will be aware that I’m quite partial to the occasional espresso coffee.[1] To ensure that I can start the day properly, I’ve had a series of wonderful devices over the years. The first serious one was a Briel which I got about nine years ago, and this was followed by an all-singing all-dancing super automatic bean to cup Gaggia machine a few years later.

After years of regular use, the Gaggia decided to die, after the extended warranty had ended, naturally. So, I revived the Briel, which continued to do its less automatic, but otherwise quite satisfactory thing. Until recently, when the pressure seemed to drop, or some such. And yesterday, I found out why: it had sprung a leak from somewhere in its high-pressure innards. Given its age, trying to get it repaired didn’t seem like a very good idea, so I made an unusual Saturday afternoon trip into Newcastle to look for a replacement. After some dithering, I got this shiny Gaggia Cubika, which should do the job.

Gaggia Cubika

Gaggia Cubika

It’s a funny thing, but each new espresso machine has different characteristics. This one is much fussier about the grind of coffee used – it needs to be a lot finer than the Briel would accept to create a proper espresso, which means that my regular brand of ground coffee will have to be replaced. I can grind my own, but the grinder I have isn’t all that good, so I can see some more shopping coming up. It did take a few attempts to get it right, which means I might still be buzzing a bit…

The new machine comes with no less than three coffee filter thingies – one for a single shot, one for a double shot, and one to hold coffee pods. I’ve ordered some pods to see how well they work, but mostly i suspect I’ll be using freshly ground coffee, which works out a lot cheaper…

[1] Best. Understatement. Ever.