WordPress 2.3 is coming

More alert WordPress users will have noticed that the Development Blog is showing more signs of life these days. Yes, it’s getting close to the scheduled release of the next feature release of the software that makes this site possible[1]. The most obvious change this time round is that tags are now a part of the core program, which makes plugins like Ultimate Tag Warrior, which I’ve been using for nearly two years, ever so slightly redundant. There will be a need for plugins to make the best use of the built-in tagging features, but they’ll be simpler beasts.

Another nifty new feature is automatic notification of new versions of both WordPress itself and plugins, so long as the plugins in question are in the Plugin Directory.

If you want to start playing now, you can get Beta 2 now. As with all betas, this is absolutely not finished work. It definitely has bugs, some of which may destroy your blog, drink all your wine and kick the cat. Handle with extreme care, and don’t use it on your live site unless you have lots of backups and know how to use them.

I’ve got it running on a test site, and so far not much has broken. There should be at least one more beta and a release candidate or two before the official release which is due on 24 September.

[1] But it has its good side, too :lol: