Hey, who broke Flickr?

I went for one of my lunchtime photographic strolls today, and I was just about to upload a sample image to Flickr when I ran into a problem. The nifty little Flickr Uploadr[1] thingy reported that it had encountered an error rather than doing its usual quick connect and upload thing. So, I popped over to the main Flickr site where all I saw was a message indicating that there was a problem[2] and suggesting that I have a look at the Flickr blog, where this post let me know that they’d had problems with a switch. Nasty, that.

The clever bit is that Flickr have been sensible enough to keep their blog off their own network – it’s actually hosted at WordPress.com, which means it should stay up most of the time, even if Flickr’s whole network gets upset.

Pictures will appear when Flickr is feeling better.

[1] Apparntly thr’s a global shortag of the fifth lttr of th alphabt, and Flickr ar trying to consrv supplis :laugh:
[2] Well, it said something about a massage, actually. :rolleyes: