No, I’m not suffering from PriceWaterhouseWhateverThey’reCalledSyndrome, otherwise known as “broken space bar disease”, I’m referring to the nifty services provided by LogMeIn. This is one of many services that allows remote access to computers over the internet, and comes in a number of flavours.

I’m using the basic (and free) remote control version. You have to install a small application on any computer you want to manage, and this makes a secure connection to their servers. Then, from any computer with a web browser and an internet connection, you can log into your account, where you will see all the computers you have registered. You can then open a remote control session, which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

You have to provide your user name and password for the service, and your own computer’s user name and password before you can connect. Unlike standard remote control solutions like VNC or RDP, you don’t have to open up any ports on your firewall – connections can only come from LogMeIn. And you can control access further – allowing only certain IP addresses, and so on.

If you want more services – file transfer, remote printing, remote backup – you can pay for a Pro account. Or you can investigate their other commercial offerings, which could be very useful indeed.

It’s very handy being able to check my personal email from work[1] without having to log into webmail, or other such things. And for IT type people who have appropriate permissions, being able to control a PC at work without a VPN could be very useful in an emergency.

And for anyone with technologically challenged friends or relatives who constantly occasionally need assistance, being able to see what’s on their screens could make life a lot easier.

It’s good stuff, and the free basic service is a seriously good deal.

2 thoughts on “Logmein

  1. Twisty

    My daughter (who lives 900 miles away) was needing help with her PC tonight; we tried MS Remote Assistance but it wouldn’t launch for some reason. I’d read this blog entry a few days ago and remembered it – so I decided to give LogMeIn (free version) a try, based on your recommendation. Works as advertised, with pretty much the same speed and performance as Remote Desktop – impressive! I was able to access her PC and resolve her issue. Thanks for turning me on! To a nifty little tech tool, that is. :smile:

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