Daily Archives: Tuesday, 11th Sep 2007

WordPress 2.3 is getting closer

I’ve been fiddling with the beta releases of WordPress 2.3, and so far things are working pretty well. Things will get more interesting when some plugins are updated, or new ones created, to take full advantage of the new tagging features, but right now it’s looking usable, and doesn’t seem to be breaking anything I need to be able to do. I’m taking the opportunity of having a fresh test site to give the look of Losing it[1] a bit of an overhaul. It won’t actually look much different, but the theme will be based on Sandbox rather than a hacked together mix of code form the Classic and Default themes, which is a bit of a mess. Once I’ve done all that, it should be a lot easier to modify it in future.

Anyway, the third and last Beta is now available – get it while it’s hot[1]. Next week should see at least one release candidate before the final release a week later.

[1] Usual disclaimers about backups, test sites, backups, make sure you know what you’re doing and backups apply[2]
[2] Did I mention backups?