We have been upgraded

Well, that was fun. I had to thump a couple of plugins, fix a couple of little things in my shiny new[1] theme, make some mystical passes and generally mumble a bit, but Losing it[1] is now running on WordPress 2.3.

Before upgrading, I used the nifty WordPress Upgrade Preflight Check plugin, which helpfully looked at all the installed plugins and themes, and pointed out any potential problems – very useful, and could save a lot of head scratching, muttering and general frustration.

As promised, this site is now running on an all-new theme, which looks remarkably like the old one, but is less messy on the inside. It’s quite likely that some things may be slightly broken at the moment, but I’ll pick up on that over the coming days.

[1] Which looks remarkably similar to the old one…

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