Weighty Matters

Regular readers of Losing it[1] may well have been saying to themselves

Funny, Les hasn’t mentioned any of that weight or exercise stuff for a while

And you know, they’re right. The last weight report was nearly five months ago, which is several decades in internet time. You’ll be familiar with the expression “no news is good news”, but I’m afraid that isn’t the case in this case. In case you were wondering[1], I’ve been generally letting things go for quite a while. Eating too much, and exercise (even walking to work) has become a distant memory. :duh:

All of which has led to my weight creeping inexorably[2] upward, to the point where I’m now only ten pounds lighter than I was nearly four years ago, when I started trying to lose weight. Now that’s not a Good Thing at all. In fact, it’s a Bad Thing. Bad enough that it’s made me feel a wee bit motivated. I’m going to have to phase this in gradually, but I’ve started with something simple: reducing lunch back to a sandwich only. I’d got into the habit of adding a couple of very fattening sausage rolls, and somehow that led to chocolate bars sneaking back in, after a long period of managing to avoid them.

And I have a minor initial exercise target: I will aim for at least half of my journeys to and from work to be of the walking variety. Let’s see how that goes for a few weeks. Regular reports will follow. Probably.

[1] That’s enough cases for now, I think. There’s enough there for a month’s holiday
[2] Now there’s a high-class word.