Wallace and Gromit return to TV

Now here’s some good news. BBC News reports that there will be a new Wallace and Gromit short film, to be shown late next year.

Creator Nick Park is glad to have escaped from Hollyweird, and says he’s making this one for himself and “the people who love Wallace and Gromit”, which would be me, and lots of other people.

It’s nice to be out of that feature film pressure now. I don’t feel like I’m making a film for a kid in some suburb of America – and being told they’re not going to understand a joke, or a northern saying.

You can see Nick talking about the new film, Trouble at Mill[1] on the official site, together with lots more nice stuff.

All together, now:

Cracking cheese, Gromit!

[1] That’ll be one of those northern sayings, then :laugh: