Daily Archives: Monday, 8th Oct 2007

Simple Tags Plugin for WordPress 2.3

Like a lot of WordPress users, I was into tagging before tags became part of the core of WordPress 2.3, and like a lot of people, my tagging plugin of choice was Christine’s tag-tacular Ultimate Tag Warrior. But then came 2.3, and UTW had to go :wave:

It was only a matter of days after the release of 2.3 that the first plugins appeared to deal with the new inbuilt tagging functions. I’ve tried a few, but they all lacked a certain something, mainly having an easy way to enter previously used tags into a post. UTW had a drop down list thingy, which worked well enough, though it did involve a bit of scrolling as I have lots of tags. For a short while, I used Click Tags, which provides nice clickable buttons for all your existing tags, but as its author says, it’s only really good for people with smaller numbers of tags, and took up a huuuge area of my screen.

And for the management (renaming, deleting, adding, washing, drying, polishing) of tags, I used Christine’s Tag Managing Thing, which did the job quite nicely.

But then I discovered the quite lovely Simple Tags, which does all the managing stuff, and provides a nifty AJAXy thingy for entering your tags in posts. As you start typing the name of an existing tag, a list appears of tags matching what you’ve typed. You can either keep typing, or click on the tag you were thinking of. Much easier than selecting from a drop-down list, especially if you have a lot of tags.

It works very nicely for me, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get the best use out of WordPress’s tagging feature.

Not a bad start to the week

I walked to work this morning, once again behaved well at lunchtime (sarnie and banana), had my hair cut and actually walked home for the first time in, err, well, quite a long time.

And today’s weight is down a wee bit, which is good news. :smile: