Daily Archives: Saturday, 13th Oct 2007

Rocky Virgins?

Oh, dearie me. The latest phase in the Northern Rock drama appears to be an attempt to turn it into a farce.

After being propped up by the government, had its investors’ money guaranteed by public funds, and suffered seemingly endless speculation about its future, now none other than Richard Branson has stepped in! Yes, the bearded wonder has apparently put together a consortium who want, by some bizarre financial arrangement[1] to take over Northern Rock and assure its future. Well, that bit wouldn’t be so bad, but in the usual way, he wants to rebrand it as, yes, you guessed it, Virgin Money.

Details from BBC News

[1] Nothing as simple as buying it and paying off its debts, you understand

Steady Saturday

And that’s not a bad weight for a Saturday morning. Next week involves a trip to Leeds, but that’s only one day, so I should have plenty of walking opportunities.