Daily Archives: Tuesday, 16th Oct 2007

Good enough

Today’s weight shows a small step in the right direction. I walked to work, but my knees told me to get the bus home, and I didn’t feel like arguing with them…

Feed me!

Apologies to anyone who normally[1] reads Losing it[1] in RSS form[2]. For reasons that I’m not altogether clear about, Feedburner is having trouble reading the main feed from this site. The RSS validator thingy is also getting upset, and can’t manage to read it either.

If I turn off the automagic redirection to Feedburner, I can see the feed in Firefox, so it does appear to be working from this end. I’ll do some more digging when I have the time, but for now, you should be able to get the feed here.

[1] Or abnormally, we’ll have no discrimination here :laugh:
[2] And to readers who have no idea what that is, don’t worry about it