Boldy going somewhere

As you may have heard, a new Star Trek movie is being made. For this one, rather than continuing with the characters from any of the TV series, they’re trying something else: a look at the early careers of the original Enterprise crew. BBC News reports that the main cast has now been selected, and the movie is due for release in the US on Christmas Day 2008.

I have to say I find this a bit confusing. Apparently it will feature younger versions of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, etc at Starfleet Academy. how they all met for the first time and saved the universe, or some such. The slight problem with that is that the characters were not all the same age, and had not (as far as this old geek can recall) been in Starfleet for the same length of time. No doubt some continuity-preserving silliness will be invented to explain the, err, slight anomaly[1], but I really think it would be better if they tried taking Star Trek forward rather than making a mess of its history.

[1] Oh, I know!! It’ll be an anomaly! That will do nicely!