Photographic developments

No, I haven’t taken to using film and playing with chemicals, but I am trying to take my photography in a new direction, and to learn some new skills. I’ve bought a light tent[1], some little studio lights, and a stand to put things on, all from various eBay suppliers. The light tent arrived today, making my mini studio complete. It was described as an 80cm tent, which I thought would be a reasonable size for most small to medium things I might want to photograph. I haven’t actually measured it, but it looks a wee bit bigger than that, so I should be able to photograph things of a wider range of sizes than I expected. Cool.



It’s one of those clever folding up things that squeezes down into a handy bag, so it won’t get in the way when I’m not using it. I’ll have a proper play with the lights and everything at the weekend, but I couldn’t resist giving it a quick test using flash. This geode is another recent acquisition – I found it at Stonehouse Originals in Newcastle – a lovely little shop just around the corner from the Tyne Theatre, which has a great selection of stones, fossils and other interesting and attractive objects. I’ll be going back for more later[2]…

More pictures of more stuff soon. :smile:

[1] No, not a non-heavy camping thingy, but a collapsible white fabric box in which I can place photographic subjects. The idea is that the subjects can be given even light by means of two rather bright lamps, without any of the harsh shadows you can get with flash. And I can get nice reflections off the stand thingy. You can see the tent in this Flickr set.
[2] As of May 2009, they seem to have gone away