Daily Archives: Saturday, 20th Oct 2007

Lower than expected

Now there’s a surprise. I thought that after yesterday’s lack of walking, extra glass of wine and some slightly naughty chips, that I might have been a wee bit heavier this morning. But I was wrong[1] – I’m actually a wee bit lighter. That’s the lowest weight since I started trying to lose weight again[3]. Now if I can keep this up for a while, we might see some serious progress…

[1] Make a note of that: it[2] hardly ever happens :lol: :laugh: :smile:
[2] Decide for yourselves if “it” means “Les being wrong” or “Les admitting being wrong” :wink:
[3] Well, it’s equal to last Sunday’s weight, but what with going to the Rufus concert, I didn’t eat much on Saturday evening, so that was a slightly anomalous result.