Robin Hood – Childhood

It seems that the children of Nottingham and its surroundings have been inspired by the exploits of Robin and his gang. So much so that a group of young boys are playing at being outlaws when they probably should be working in the fields, or whatever labour kids were supposed to be doing at the time.

And of course, the kids get into trouble when they see Guy up to no good. Guy, some token soldiers and a blacksmith are performing a little experiment. A prisoner is tied up wearing a metal breastplate, which successfully deflects the arrows the soldiers fire at it. Guy is suitably impressed, and pausing only to kill the prisoner to make sure the existence of the armour is kept secret, he’s just about to go back to the castle with the blacksmith when he spots the boys. After the traditional chase, all but one of them are captured by the soldiers.

The last boy, Daniel, is found by Robin, which is quite lucky, really. While Robin takes Daniel back to his base, Guy gets nicely menacing with the other boys, though his Toad of Toad Hall exchange was more comical than than really menacing:

We didn’t see anything, sir

If you didn’t see anything, why would you say you didn’t see anything?[1]

And off we go with more of the usual silliness. The blacksmith is, so he says, the only man west of Jerusalem who has the secret of how to make the special armour, which requires a secret ingredient, “black diamonds”. The Sheriff wants lots of it for his Black Knights, so much so that he agrees to pay the rather high asking price.

Robin’s not too happy. He doesn’t like the idea of the Sheriff having an army of “invincible warriors”, and has a lot of fun trying to prevent that from happening.

Lots more fun follows, including a fight between an armour-clad Guy and a distinctly unarmoured Robin, which Guy somehow manages to lose[2], and they all live happily ever after. Well, Marian’s going to be a little less happy, as the Sheriff is threatening to be even nastier to her ailing father.

Interestingly, Djaq suggests that the armour may be made of Damascus Steel, which was real enough, though generally known for making swords rather than armour. Which is far too close to reality for this show! Let’s hope they get back to normal levels of silliness next week.

[1] One of the rabbits is a weasel, etc. :lol: :laugh:
[2] Well, duh…

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