Robin Hood – The Angel of Death

Oooooooh. The silliness is coming along nicely. This week’s episode started with Robin and the gang done up in some remarkably sophisticated camouflage gear and body paint[1], lying in wait to rob the next passing rich person.

As it happens, the next people who come along turn out, after being chased and caught in a suitably traditional net, to be Will Scarlet’s father Dan and younger brother Luke, who have come to take Will back with them to Scarborough. Ooooh, drama, will Will leave?

Later, in Nottingham, we see the Night Watchman handing out food to some poor people, only what’s this? That’s not Marian! It’s a fake Night Watchman, who turns out to be involved with the Sheriff. Joseph, as it seems he’s called, tells the Sheriff that

they all took the bait – like rats

and mentions something about an experiment…

While that’s going on, Robin and friends are hanging around in Nottingham without even bothering to be disguised. Robin is supposed to be meeting a man who will pass on a letter to King Richard, warning him about the Sheriff and the Black Knights, but before he can get round to that, a woman brings her young daughter to Robin, asking for help – the girl is very ill…

The Sheriff persuades[2] Marian to make an announcement for him. It’s not what you’d call good news. Pestilence[3] has come to Nottingham, but so far appears to be confined to one street, which will be quarantined to protect the city, with the usual warnings about not making contact, or giving food or medicine to the people inside…

Dan (that’s Will’s dad, pay attention) having seen pestilence before, knows that the girl doesn’t have it. And he’s a bit unhappy about Will’s attitude, so he makes a bit of a fuss, shouting out that there is no pestillence. So naturally, the Sheriff has him killed immediately. Will gets a wee bit upset about that.

Robin wants the gang to go to Pit Street to help the people there. Alan would rather not, and volunteers to deliver that letter for Robin, which will give him an opportunity to have another nice chat with Guy. Will is to take Luke back to Scarborough.

The rest of the gang head to Pit Street, where they meet Joseph. It soon turns out that Joseph has some rather interesting ideas about improving the country by killing lots of people with a unique poison he’s invented…

Meanwhile, Will manages to get Luke out of the city and returns to the castle with the intention of killing the Sheriff. This would not be a Good Thing, for reasons mentioned in a previous episode involving Prince John killing everyone.

That’s the set up. What follows is the usual silly stuff, in which everyone lives to fight another day, apart from Joseph, who doesn’t. And Robin gets to do that James Bond thing with a knife and a banner[4] as a safe means of descending the outside wall of the castle.

All in all, as fine an example of undemanding good quality rubbish as you’ll ever see. I love it.

[1] Anachronistic? You bet :cheesy:
[2] Usual sort of thing, her father’s in a dungeon, and would she like him to be fed?
[3] Nice word, that
[4] I think it was in Tomorrow Never Dies, but I could be wrong