Yes, I’m still playing with the light tent. I’ve got lots more experiments to carry out[1], but this is one I couldn’t resist. I bought the plasma ball quite a few years ago and occasionally turn it on when I feel like I need to be in Mad Scientist mode. To get this image, I put it in the light tent with a black backdrop in place, and waited for it to get dark enough for there to be no daylight reflecting off the ball.

Mad? Me?

Mad? Me?

I then tried a few different exposures and settings before deciding that this was an occasion that demanded full manual control of the 30D. I normally shoot in aperture priority mode[2], with an occasional venture into exposure priority[3] if I’m trying to take pictures of fast moving objects. but in this case, with a relatively bright light in a dark room, the automagic stuff was getting a wee bit confused. Well, confused enough to not quite get the effect I wanted, so I had to play around a bit, which was fun.

What I wanted was to capture the movement of the streamers of light without getting them too blurred. If the exposure was too short, they ended up looking thin and weedy, too long and it just looked messy. This one was somewhere in the middle, and I think it works pretty well.

To avoid camera shake and potential damage to either my toys or my person while doing this in the dark, I had the camera mounted on my tripod, and used the cable release. More photographic fun will follow…

[1] Insert 1930s horror movie music here
[2] That’s with the dial set to Av, for those with clever cameras who haven’t read the manual :laugh:
[3] Tv for the baffled