Daily Archives: Monday, 29th Oct 2007

Nice day for a walk

It was quite sunny this morning, and I started my week off with a stroll around Saltwell Park. It’s really nice at this time of year, with lots of autumn colours and hardly any people to get in the way of my camera. I took a lot of pictures of various leaves and trees, but I thought I’d start with this one of a Canada Goose taking a stroll.

No-fly zone

No-fly zone

It reminded me of an old joke about two pigeons who were getting married in Trafalgar Square. The lady pigeon was very late, and everyone thought that she wasn’t going to turn up, but eventually she appeared and explained

It was such a lovely day, I thought I’d walk…

Which is pretty much what I did. After my tour of the park, I walked over to Newcastle, visited the Laing Art Gallery, popped into the office to collect my proper copy of Lightroom, which arrived just in time. Another day or two and the free trial would have expired, which would have been a wee bit awkward, as I’ve got used to using it now. After that, I got the bus home.

I’m hoping for another good day tomorrow, as I’m off to Edinburgh for the day. Lots more walking, and lots more pictures!

Quick recovery

Hmm. Not bad. Today’s weight is down nicely compared with yesterday, which is a good recovery from my relaxed weekend. More progress should follow, as I should be doing quite a lot of walking tomorrow…