National Monument, Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Here’s another picture from Tuesday’s Edinburgh trip. It’s a slight revision of one that I posted previously. I’ve darkened the stonework a bit and changed the frame to black rather than the “almost matching” colour in the first version.

National Monument

National Monument

The National Monument is a memorial to the dead of the Napoleonic Wars. In popular legend, it is known as “Edinburgh’s Disgrace”, as it is believed that the city ran out of money to complete the structure, which is modelled on the Parthenon. However, I have read that surviving plans show the monument just the way it is[1].

Either way, there’s a certain appeal to the monument the way it is. Is it unfinished, or a representation of a ruin?

The toning in this picture was based on one of the presets that came with Lightroom, described as “antique light”. I had to do a fair amount of adjustment from that to make it look the way I wanted – for instance the bright area of the sky was a little too bright.

The border was added in Photoshop using my normal method of adding a stroke, then extending the canvas and adding the text. Lightroom plays nicely with Photoshop, as you might expect. When you tell it to edit the image in Photoshop, it creates a new file[2] and opens it in Photoshop. When you save your Photshop work and return to Lightroom, you’ll find your edited file is selected, ready for you to finish off.

[1] Here, for instance
[2] Either a PSD or a TIFF