Daily Archives: Friday, 2nd Nov 2007

Is this the end….

..of civilisation as we know it? I spotted this in the window of the Newcastle Virgin Megastore Zavvi shop. Actually, I don’t think they’ve rebranded it yet, so maybe it is still Virgin. Either way, I hope they employ some people who can spell…

It's a bad sign

It's a bad sign

Doing OK

Today’s weight was down again, which is good. I’m still managing to eat less and avoid snacking on things that make me fat. I’ve even cut back to one bottle of wine a week[1], which is probably making a difference all on its own.

At this rate, I should be below 15½ stone rather earlier than my slightly vague “mid November” target that I set a while back, so I should probably set myself a more ambitious one:

Below 15 stone[2] by the end of the year

More reports, and more targets will follow…

[1] Apart from the odd occasions when I have a night out…
[2] 210.0 pounds (95.3kg)

Autumn in Newcastle

I had a walk in Newcastle today. I had a look at the redevelopment of Eldon Square, which has come on a long way since I last looked. Then I wandered past the Haymarket, which has some interesting machinery on show, but as yet there’s nothing exciting happening.

After that, I had a look around the Civic Centre, where I took this picture of the tower hiding behind some autumn colours.



The next stop was the new City Library site, where progress is definitely being made.

The final part of the tour was to Northumbria University, where I had a proper look at their new footbridge and buildings.

Pictures of all these places will follow.

View from a hill

This is yet another of my Edinburgh pictures, which I’ve given a good working over in Lightroom. I was happy with the composition, once I’d cropped it to a square, but it was a bit on the dull side. Now the sky was overcast and the light wasn’t that good, but I was able to tweak it a bit to produce something with enough detail and colour to be interesting.