Robin Hood – Ducking and Diving

In this week’s episode of ‘that fun program that’s on on a Saturday'[1], Robin finally realised what we’ve all known for weeks: he has a spy in the camp.

The story involves a dodgy character called Henry of Lewes, who is on his way to Nottingham to tell the Sheriff where King Richard is planning to land when he returns to England. The Sheriff wants to know this to make it easier for his Black Knights pals to arrange for an accident. Robin would rather the Sheriff doesn’t find out, and sets up an ambush. Unfortunately for Robin, Allan-A-Dale has already told Guy about his plan, and Henry takes another route.

Unfortunately for the Sheriff, while Henry does arrive in Nottingham, he’s unable to tell him anything, as he’s had an extreme reaction to a bee sting. The Sheriff’s doctor doesn’t seem to be doing much good, so Guy is sent to collect Matilda, a local healer.

Matilda and Robin go back a long way, so she’s quite happy to help him. She drugs Henry so that he can only talk in random babble. This rather upsets the Sheriff, who decides to accuse her of being a witch, which leads to some unpleasantness with a ducking stool. Matilda, who has a nice line in curses, declines to cure Henry, so the Sheriff orders her to be kept underwater for long enough to make sure she’s dead. This doesn’t work quite the way he planned, because Robin and the gang have been giving her air through a tube fed by bellows. It’s even worse for the Sheriff when Robin manages to free her from the stool while it’s under water, and the gang kidnap Henry while he’s distracted.

Robin is obliged to reverse his “no killing” policy when Henry gets his marbles back and holds a knife at Much’s throat. Quite convenient, given that he would have been a bit of a liability…

And after a bit of misdirection with Will, Robin confronts Allan. Robin’s a bit upset about Allan’s betrayal, and Allan’s pleas fall on deaf ears. Robin sends Allan away, and the reduced gang get back to business as usual.

All good fun, as always. Have we really seen the last of Allan? What will the Sheriff’s next dastardly plan be? Can it get any sillier? I do hope so :lol:

[1]© Sam Judson, 2007 :wave:

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