Daily Archives: Tuesday, 6th Nov 2007

New life?

At lunchtime, I had a good wander with my macro lens. I spotted this little floral item in St John’s churchyard on Grainger Street. Not being very botanical, I’ve no idea what it is, but it looks to me like some buds getting ready to burst into flower[1]. Whatever it is, I thought it made a lovely subject for some macro work.

Buds. Or something.

Buds. Or something.

[1] Please correct me if I’m wrong :cheesy:

Good recovery

Today’s weight figure is a nearly full recovery from the weekend ever so slight over-indulgence, which is a Good Thing. Just need to keep going in this direction now.

I walked to and from work today, and did took some pictures on the way home, as I may have mentioned already. I had a moderate walk at lunchtime, which may have involved more photography – watch out for details of that. Today’s lunch was Pret’s other Christmas special: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, crispy onion and leafy bits. Very nice.

Ghost Buses

I decided to have a go at a little after dark photography on my way home tonight. I’ve got a few pictures which have some potential, but I thought I’d upload this one right now. This was taken at the Gateshead end of the Tyne Bridge, without the aid of a safety net tripod, so it’s possibly not as sharp as it might be, but I was using the image stabilised 17-85mm lens, which may have let me get away with it.

Ghost buses

Ghost buses

I’ll be doing more of this kind of thing over the next few weeks, quite possibly with the aid of a tripod or monopod.