Day trip report

As I mentioned earlier, I went to London today. I had to catch the 6:30 train to make sure I could get where I was going on time. Now that’s a bit of a problem, because public transport is a bit awkward at that time of the morning. There is a bus which would get me there far too bloody early, but that would involve getting up even more early than I actually did.

So, I had a nice walk in the dark to Gateshead. While the High Level Bridge remains closed, walking to the station just takes too long, so I got the Metro there instead. My train was already on the platform, so I got on, found a seat in the restaurant and relaxed. Had the usual good breakfast and lots of coffee. I then got the Tube to Oxford Circus, but decided that as I had plenty of time, I’d walk down to Marble Arch rather than change to another line. That was quite pleasant, as Oxford Street doesn’t start getting busy until a wee bit later.

Got to the hotel venue, got a free book[1], then enjoyed a presentation by Cricket Liu on developing resilient DNS and DHCP[2], had some free sarnies afterwards, then went to the London office for a few hours. Did some work there, then left in good time to catch my train home.

As it was quite a nice day – fairly sunny, not really cold, I decided to walk to the station rather than catch the Tube. That took about 40 minutes – it would have been less if fewer slow-moving people had been in my way on Great Portland Street. Just as I got to King’s Cross, my train was announced and I got on. I had an uneventful journey home, which is probably the best kind. Long day, but at least I managed to get some walking done.

[1] DNS and BIND, fifth edition, signed by Cricket Liu
[2] If you don’t know what those are, you probably don’t want to…