Daily Archives: Friday, 9th Nov 2007

Express service

Yes, it’s another picture from Tuesday’s walk home, and another one of a motion blurred bus on the Tyne Bridge. I’m really happy with this one – the bridge is nicely sharp, and there’s a nice sense of motion in the bus.



This sort of thing generally involves a tripod, but as I didn’t have mine with me, I relied on the image stabiliser in my lens, and on having a good steady grip on my 30D.

I could definitely get to like taking pictures like this one…

Holding steady

No change in my weight today, which is quite acceptable. I walked to work, but got the bus home.

Lunch was a rare beak from my good behaviour – had a sausage sandwich and a Guinness in the Old George. It was a business meeting, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it, so there. :tongue: