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Robin Hood – For England…!

This week’s fun began with the Sheriff and Guy discussing a secret pact which is to be signed by his naughty Black Knights. Oh, and with the Sheriff pushing the scribe who wrote it off the battlements of the castle. And after last week’s fun, Allan is still creeping around the forest, and gets a bit upset when Robin gets to one of his secret stashes of money before he can.

Robin heads to Nottingham to find out what the Black Knights are up to, which leads to Much asking why he always does that sort of thing on his own.[1] Meanwhile, Allan goes to see Guy, and well, asks for a job.

It turns out that one of the Black Knights, the Lord of Winchester, is an old friend of Marian’s father Edward, and Robin, convinced that he’s a good man being coerced into the conspiracy, decides to meet him and persuade him not to sign the pact.

The gang need to get into the castle under cover. Fortunately, Will was expecting this, and has prepared some weapons cunningly disguised as musical instruments, so they all turn up even more cunningly disguised as minstrels[2].

It all starts to go a bit wrong when it turns out that Edward’s old friend is a bit of a git. He’s got a bit of a grudge against Edward and a lot of greed, so he happily tells the Sheriff about Robin’s plan. Well, only after negotiating a better deal for himself as a condition of signing the pact. He wants Sussex. And some of Surrey. Oh, and Marian, too.

Robin goes a bit loopier than usual, and manages to get into the gathering of the Sheriff’s friends, having borrowed a Black Knight outfit. He then does a quite impressive ninja routine which involves throwing knives at all of the Black Nights, leaving the Sheriff and Guy till last. Given his previous disinclination to kill anyone, this is a bit extreme, and a bit odd for half way through the series, so it’s not surprising to learn that he hasn’t managed to actually kill anyone at all – having been tipped off, they’ve all got wooden plates under their clothes. Very convenient that Robin threw his knives in just the right places, but hey…

All of which leads to the Sheriff coming up with another deliciously silly Bond villain routine involving getting Allan and Robin to fight it out with padded sticks over a vat of boiling oil. Fortunately the gang with their disguised weapons are on hand to cause maximum chaos, and so Robin gets away again.

Which leaves just one problem. Winchester is taking Marian away with him. However, it all works out nicely, because Guy and the Sheriff rescue her. Guy because he’s still quite keen on Marian, and the Sheriff because he’s quite keen on Sussex, and Winchester is of no further use to him.

Which leaves just one more problem: Robin’s sulking because Marian seems to be getting close to Guy again. What fun!

[1] It’s because he’s a Hero, obviously :duh:
[2] Because nobody’s going to recognise them, of course :lol:

And up a bit more

Just a small rise in my weight today, which is moderately normal for a weekend, and nicely lower than last Sunday’s figure, so I’m quite satisfied for now.