Daily Archives: Tuesday, 13th Nov 2007


This is one of yesterday’s pictures. I wanted to check on progress on the building of the new Newcastle City Library, and I got some pictures of that. But what really caught my eye was the shadow of the new steelwork falling on Bewick Court.



As the most important thing about the picture was the shadow, I converted it to black and white, which I think works quite nicely for this subject.

More pictures soon, or fairly soon.

Two milestones

Woo hoo! Today’s weight takes me to exactly 15½ stone, which while still in the “too damn heavy” area, is an important marker on the way to getting to a more acceptable level. It’s also ever so slightly lighter than I was at the beginning of the year. Admittedly, that was a particularly heavy day, but I’ll take every minor victory I can!

The next weight target is to match the lowest weight of the year so far – that was 211.2 pounds (15 stone 1.2 pounds, 95.8kg) on 30 January. Let’s see if I can manage that by the end of the year.

I walked to work this morning but got the bus home, as I was slightly tired after another late finish.