Daily Archives: Thursday, 15th Nov 2007

A minor fluctuation thingy

Thursday’s weight[1] was up just a wee bit, but that’s well within the normal daily fluctuation range, so I’m not concerned. I didn’t get any walking done as I had a trip to Leeds. And from there to somewhere else, but that’s work stuff, and you don’t want to know the details, do you?

[1] Which perceptive readers may have noticed is actually being posted on Friday, but has been craftily backdated

Colossus is back!

Turn your geek filters up to maximum. A World War II Colossus computer has been rebuilt and is decoding test messages. just for laughs, researchers are comparing how the finest technology the 1940s could produce compares with modern desktop PCs at the specific task of code breaking.

There’s a theory that hardware built for a specific purpose might prove to be more effective than general purpose computers. All good fun, and there are more details in the BBC News story.