Daily Archives: Tuesday, 20th Nov 2007

And down a bit

Good stuff – my weight is heading downwards again.

I got the bus to work this morning, as it was raining moderately heavily. But when I left the office, it had dried up a bit, so I walked home. There was a bit of a shower which caught me after the point where I could decide to get the bus from Gateshead, so I got slightly damp. Not too bad, as was wearing a waterproof coat and a hat.

And now with the book…

This is good – it’s a clip from an old French and Saunders show, which I don’t recall seeing before[1]. Ever tried to learn to play an instrument from an “easy” book, and found it to be not quite so easy? In which case, you’ll appreciate this. If you like to see musicians being silly, you’ll enjoy it, too. come to think of it, if you have a sense of humour, you should enjoy it. Usual YouTube caveats about “here until someone complains and it gets deleted” apply, of course.

[1] Either because I didn’t see it at the time, or my memory is more defective than usual.