Daily Archives: Monday, 26th Nov 2007

Guardian Revisited

I posted an earlier version of this picture last month. It was one of those that I knew had something, but it wasn’t quite right. Anyway, I’ve had another go, given it a bit of a tweak and added a sepia tint. I like this version a lot better than the previous one.



Stone lion guarding the entrance to a building on Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne

I’ve got lots more pictures I need to work on, and I’m aiming to do at least one per day from now.

Shut down

It seems that there’s a very real chance that the giant Arecibo radio telescope will be shut down due to lack of money. (See this New Scientist article for the full depressing details. This would be a great loss to science – there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else on the planet. While the telescope has been used for a lot of research, it’s possibly best known for its use in the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project, which leads me to this cartoon which says all that really needs to be said:

UserFriendly Strip – 25 November 2007

Good start to the week

Today’s weight was nearly as low as last Thursday’s extra-low figure, which is promising. I should be able to get that down a bit more as the week goes on.

I was running a bit late this morning, so I took the bus to work, but I did walk home, so I’ll let myself off.