Daily Archives: Tuesday, 27th Nov 2007

What’s the rush?

Here’s another one from my huge stock of pictures I really need to do something with. It was taken on my way home one night a few weeks ago – the same evening as some other pictures I’ve posted.

What's the rush?

What's the rush?

Approaching the Tyne Bridge on a November evening. The church clock is a wee bit wrong...

Once again, this was shot hand-held using my lovely image stabilising lens, which is why the buildings are reasonably sharp and the traffic shows some nice light trails.

Just a slight adjustment

Today’s weight was up just a tiny bit on yesterday’s, but once again the variation was well within normal daily fluctuation range. I walked to and from work today, which is a step forward. Well, lots of steps, come to think of it. :cheesy:

Rose Returns

It looks like the Tardis is going to get a little crowded next year. Not only will the Doctor be joined by Donna and Martha (once she does her bit with Torchwood), but it’s been revealed that Billie Piper will be coming back as Rose Tyler for three episodes.

That could be interesting. Last time we saw Rose, she was in a parallel universe with “no possible way” to get back. I wonder how that’s going to work…