Yeti prints found (allegedly)

A TV crew claims to have found footprints of a Yeti-like nature, according to BBC News. They claim that the footprints are neither human nor those of any known animal.

Now it is, of course, possible that the prints really are those of a creature unknown to science, but as prints in snow tend to spread out and get a wee bit distorted, it’s hard to be sure.

The BBC report helpfully mentions that the crew didn’t actually see the “abominable snowman”. Nice of them to clear that up.

Someone more cynical than me might draw more attention to the fact that the crew are working on “a series called Destination Truth, which follows reports of fantastic creatures”. Someone even more cynical might mutter about people seeing what they want to see. But I won’t draw any conclusions yet-i.[1]

[1] Oh come on, you knew I wouldn’t be able to resist that