Daily Archives: Sunday, 2nd Dec 2007

Step Behind the Scenes

Once again, I have to blame the excellent Look at This[1] for leading me to something interesting. Step Behind the Scenes is an article on various ways our senses can be deceived – from camera effects to stage tricks and sneaky advertising techniques. Well worth a read.

[1] He does all the searching, browsing and whatnot so you don’t have to. If you’re not visiting regularly, you’re missing out.

Nice fish

Yesss, Precioussss, it’s Gollum again, but not looking as scary as he did in yesterday’s picture.

Nice fish

Nice fish

Gollum looking a little less scary.

This is a good example of what I’m trying to achieve with the light tent and studio lights – the figure is clearly lit without any shadows, and it’s completely isolated from the background. And that lovely macro lens has captured lots of detail.

Weight Report

Yes, I’m sticking with the new standard title for the daily weight reports. This is either a special service to my regular readers to enable them to recognise them[1], or a sign that I’m getting lazier. Or maybe it’s both!

Anyway, today’s weight shows the usual Sunday rise, but is down on last week, suggesting that I’ve recovered from Thursday’s odd bit of bloat.

[1] And so find it easier to ignore them :lol: