More Photographic Fun

A while ago, I mentioned the Enjoying Photography Flickr group. Since then, I’ve been a regular participant in the group, and I’ve enjoyed getting lots of comments and helpful advice on my pictures, and indeed commenting on other members’ pictures.

But times change, and all that. The admin team have transformed EP into an all-singing, all-dancing new website, with its own gallery and no Flickrness at all. I signed up for the new site on Saturday, when it was launched. It’s early days, and so far it’s a small group, but it’s looking good, and it should grow and develop over time. As with the original Flickr group, everyone is limited to one picture a day, which makes it easier to keep up with what’s going on. As things are still being updated, the site is currently using a temporary address, but it will eventually be fully integrated and running from If you’re reading this before everything updates, you’ll find the temporary address on the EP page.

Of course, you can’t please everyone, and some people rather preferred the idea of staying on Flickr rather than joining another site, and so another Flickr group was born: Foto Fugees. That’s picked up a lot of members over the last few weeks – some from EP and some new people, which is cool. And lots of people are active in both FF and the new EP, which is even cooler.

Reading around various forum posts led me to yet another photography site. I’d read references to Photography Cafe before, but I’d hadn’t found the necessary tuit to actually investigate it. But as I was in a “signing up for things” mood at the weekend, I tracked it down[1], had a quick look and jumped in. The Cafe is a bigger group than I’m used to playing with – well over 1,000 people are registered, though not all are active at any given time. And members are allowed to upload up to three pictures each day. When members comment on pictures, they have the option of adding a rating, which acts as a vote for the POTD[2] and the POTW[3]. I like this, as it acts as an incentive to upload better pictures in the hope of getting some recognition. And would you believe that I’ve had a bit of recognition already? In addition to showing the POTD, the site also shows off all the pictures that have been nominated in the “Cafe Crackers” section of the site forum. And I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that two of the pictures I uploaded yesterday were in the “Crackers”. Woo hoo!

And all of that explains my earlier remark about needing to upload more pictures. Which I’m sure will be a great relief to all of you who have been racked with suspense. Or not.

[1] Not that it took much tracking…
[2] Picture of the day
[3] Picture of the week