Reds Revisited

I’ve been going back over some of my backlog of photographs. That would be the hundreds thousands of pictures I’ve taken but never quite got round to fiddling with and putting on show, due to my usual tuit issues. As I’ll explain in another post[1], I now need to be uploading at least three pictures a day[2], so it’s time to have another look at some of the untouched ones, and also to have another look at some I’ve put on show before. Coming back to a picture months later can be a Very Good Thing. I find that I often see the picture differently, and think of a different, and (I hope) better way of processing it. Having Lightroom really helps with this – it’s so much easier to fiddle with various options, cropping, tweaking, twiddling and all that kind of thing.



The Red Arrows at the 2007 Sunderland International Air Show

So today’s picture is a neglected one from the Sunderland International Air Show. Just a simple picture of the Red Arrows in formation, but I quite like it. The original image had a lot more sky around the Reds, and didn’t look quite right. After a fair bit of experimenting, I ended up with this cropped version. Some minor adjustments in Lightroom brought out the colours of the sky and the planes quite nicely.

[1] Ooooh, suspense!!
[2] Well, I don’t actually need to, but I do want to