Torchwood : Complete Series 1

Readers with long memories who read my Torchwood reviews may have been wondering why I haven’t mentioned the DVDs of the series. Well, the first DVD releases that came out in three small sets were of the very basic variety – much like the basic Doctor Who releases that I don’t buy either. I held off from getting them because they didn’t look like good value for money, and I was sure that there would be a proper full series release sooner or later. Well, it was a little later than I expected, but here it is.

So, what do you get for your money? All thirteen episodes, spread over six DVDs and a seventh disc with the cut down versions of Torchwood Declassified. The episodes benefit from a room-shaking Dolby 5.1 sound mix, and when seen on DVD, it’s possible to see the difference that making TV shows in HD can make. Not quite as well as you would on an HD TV with the episodes on HD disk, but it still looks great. Every episode has a group commentary – these feature various writers, directors, producers and actors. As you might expect, John Barrowman’s contributions are quite superb. All good stuff, and well worth having.

Extra features include some deleted scenes and out-takes, and a pile of themed featurettes, which I believe were on the original DVD releases. Some of these are good, but as they use a lot of material from “Declassified”, there is a lot of overlap with the seventh DVD. But that seems to be remarkably common with DVDs, so it’s only a minor gripe.

It’s all good stuff, and we can always do with more of Captain Jack. Now that we’ve seen his return to Doctor Who, and gained some insight into why he seemed to be a much darker character in Torchwood[1], it’ll be interesting to see where he and the team go in the second series, due to start early in 2008.

[1] All that living through the whole of the twentieth century and making sure not to meet himself in 1941, meet the Doctor during any of his earlier visits, or otherwise getting into the wrong kind of trouble, and ending up as the Earth’s protector must have been a bit of a strain. :uhoh: