Weight Report – 11 December 2007

Yes, I’ve decided to add a bit of variety to the weight report subject lines. It occurred to me that there would be so many posts with the same title that people[1] might get confused[2], so I’m adding the date to the end, even though the date is displayed :left: over there. But it’s either that or i have to go back to thinking up different subject lines every day, and that’s far too much effort.

Anyway, today’s weight is down again, matching last Wednesday’s low figure. And that’s despite the lack of walking. It all seems to be working nciely now. The only way is up, err down!

[1] Assuming anyone reads this stuff
[2] Though as confusing people is one of my major pleasures in life[3], maybe I’m making a mistake here
[3] Yeah, pretty sad, really :laugh: