Robin Hood – Treasure of the Nation

This week’s fun began with a load of mercenaries being brought in by Guy. And odd bunch of extras, at least one of whom seems not to have removed all of his Orc make-up from when he was in The Lord of the Rings. Naturally, they have to be housed somewhere, so the Sheriff orders the village of Locksley to me emptied, with the people scattered to other villages or left to live rough in the forest. Naturally, the wagon with all their food just happened to be at the back, and was easily captured by Robin and his gang, who took all the goods to their previously unknown secret food store (not to be confused with their secret camp).

While Robin and the gang are unloading the food, they’re joined by Legrand, a messenger from the King. He’s got half of a message and a Latin phrase, which Djaq helpfully translates to “Treasure of the Nation”. The other half of the message is with a man called Paxton, and the King needs Robin to get it all together by midsummer’s day, which is very soon.

While Robin’s distracted with that, Alan has led Guy to the food store, and they’ve taken it all back to feed the hungry mercenaries. Marian tells Robin what’s going on, but he believes a mission for the king is more important than all that tedious “feeding the poor” stuff, leaving her to do the old Night Watchman routine.

Robin, Legrand and the gang find Paxton and his message, which when combined with the first part and subjected to a little heat reveals instructions to go to a conveniently close stone circle. From there, an arrow shot in the right direction leads them to an underground chamber which appears to have wandered in from an Indiana Jones movie. After some comedy involving Legrand (who is rather large) trying to open a stone door, Little John presses the concealed switch which makes it open. And then there’s more fun involving the sun coming in at precisely the right angle to illuminate a small bowl of water, which lights up an eye, which leads them to another map. Did I mention Indiana Jones? Anyway, while they’re looking at the map, and just manage to work out that it shows Kirklees Abbey, the Sheriff, having been led there by the traitorous Paxton, thanks them for telling him what he wants to know and removes the prop from the door, sealing the gang into the chamber.

Back at Locksley, the Night Watchman manages to get caught by Guy. They fight, and just for once, Guy manages to win and rips off the mask. He’s a wee bit upset when he sees that his foe is in fact the woman he loves, and he wanders off for a bit. When he returns he tells her that he’s not happy and that she now means nothing to him, and off they go to the castle.

Back in the cavern, after Legrand fails, Little John manages to open the door and everyone escapes. But John needs a little help from Legrand to get clear of the door, from which point they become friends, after trying to put each other down previously. By this time, they’ve worked out that the Sheriff is going to the wrong church, and head for the right one. Of course, also by this time, the Sheriff has got to the Abbey and realised that he needs to be somewhere else…

The gang find the church, and the Treasure of the Nation, which turns out to be King Richard’s mother, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. The gang’s mission is to get her out of the country and the clutches of her son John. The usual chasing and fighting stuff follows, lightened by Eleanor flirting outrageously with Little John (or Big Ben as she prefers to call him). Legrand is killed by the Sheriff, but everyone else gets away, and the Queen gets away.

Back at the castle, Guy makes it clear that Marian will be executed as soon as the Sheriff gets back. And when the Sheriff, who is in a bad mood already, what with losing Eleanor and all that, does come back, he’s looking forward to seeing the Night Watchman hang. Of course, he doesn’t know that the Night Watchman is Marian, so he’s the only one who’s really surprised to see that the Night Watchman has escaped. As Marian is standing in front of him at the time, it’s obviously not her, but someone in the mask and cloak outfit is at the top of the castle shooting arrows. A half-hearted chase follows, but naturally the Night Watchman escapes to fight another day, as does Marian. It turns out that the fake watchman was Alan, and that Guy set the whole thing up to save Marian again.

Guy tells Marian that she really must stop the whole Night Watchman thing now, and she seems much happier to see the better side of Guy coming to the fore again.

All very silly, especially the Indiana Jones bits, but good fun and I’m actually looking forward to where they’re going to take the series next. Well, I know they’re all going to head off to see King Richard who’s a bit busy with his Crusade, but I mean more specifically than that. Good fun.