Mac Mini – First Impressions

OK, once I’d downloaded and installed[1] Firefox, I began to feel at home. I have had a play with the Mac’s native browser, Safari, which is quite usable, but for some reason the posting page in WordPress is completely borked in it. I suspect this is down to one of the various plugins I use rather than general borkage, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, the last couple of posts (and indeed this one) have been done on the Mac. The main difficulty for the moment is that some keys are in different places than I’m used to, and I need to remember that it’s the “Command” key that does things that “Control” does on Windows, but other than that, I’m quite liking this slinky Apple keyboard. It’s an amazingly low profile thingy, which comprises a thin plate of aluminium with some keys in it. The buttons are big enough to be comfortable to type on, and feel quite nice – you can definitely tell you’ve hit one, which is better than some keyboards I’ve used.

I haven’t got round to plugging speakers into the Mini as yet, but its built in sound is quite clear and moderately loud. I wouldn’t want to use it for music, but it’s good enough for general use. Lots more to explore, lots more to get to grips with. What fun! :bouncy:

[1] And that’s a wee bit different than on Windows…