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Columbo – The Complete First Season

I’ve always had a soft spot for Columbo. Of all the TV detectives, he’s the one that I find I can watch again and again. So when I saw this set of six DVDs for just £6.99 in J G Windows today, I couldn’t resist. The set includes all seven episodes of the 1971-2 first season, plus the two pilot movies – Prescription: Murder, which actually dates back to 1968, and what was probably the real series pilot, Ransom for a Dead Man.

Over 11 hours of classic TV at a bargain price, which has to be a Good Thing.

Logitech X-140 Speakers

The only trouble with having two computers on my desk is having to either faff around with swapping cables, or having to double up on peripherals. I’ve managed to cut down to one monitor, but I still have the two keyboards and mice. I’m even reducing the number of times I type on the wrong keyboard :bouncy: I’ll be sorting out printer sharing later – I’m not sure if I’ll end up actually sharing them off either the PC or the Mac, or if I’ll be cable swapping, or using some kind of USB switchy thingy, but that won’t be a problem.

The only thing left after that was the speakers. I assumed that getting a simple switch to share my existing Logitech speakers would be a trivial matter, but oddly enough, such objects seem as rare as non-annoying politicians. I did find one company offering exactly what I wanted, but they’re based in the US and won’t supply outside North America. And even if they did, by the time the cost of delivery (and possible customs costs) had been added to the quite reasonable price, the box wouldn’t have been cheap at all. I’ve seen some people suggesting using a Y-adapter to link two computers to the speakers at the same time, but I’m inclined to agree with the people who suggested that this could lead to signals being fed the wrong way into computers with possibly nasty results. So, I decided it was going to be easier to buy some more speakers, which is what I did. This is a simple two speaker system (no big hefty subwoofer this time), which deliver a clear enough sound with a fair bit of power. The speakers are bigger than the little units in the X-230 speaker set, but not outrageously so. I’d still recommend the X-230 as giving more oomph for your money, but if for some reason you don’t need or want a subwoofer, I’d say these beasts are worth a try.

For the moment, the X-140s are plugged into the Mac Mini, because most of my music is on the PC. This may change…

Update: and indeed, it already has changed. The X-230s are now connected to the Mac Mini, and the new X-140s to the Windows XP box. And errr, it seems that the X-230s are better than I realised. The clarity and richness of the sound being created by the Mac Mini (from a CD ripped by iTunes with default settings) is distinctly better than I can get from the other computer. Nice.

Weight Report – 19 December 2007

Good, good. Today’s weight is back down again, and is lower than it was this time last week.

After a relaxing morning playing with the Mac Mini (installing such things as a nice text editor and FTP client, and generally fiddling), I’m now using it to play some music while I type this on the PC[1], which is necessary because that’s where the weight spreadsheet lives. Just about to go out for a while now. More posting and fiddling later, oooooh errrrr, etc.

[1] The earlier posts were done on the Mac

David Tennant denies latest rumours

Oh fun. It seems Catherine Tate caused a bit of bother by mentioning that she thought that the 2008 series would be David Tennant’s last. The facts so far, as confirmed in a BBC News report are that David is doing the four specials in 2009, and that (so far) there has been no discussion or decision made about the already commissioned 2010 series, which seems sensible enough.

I’m sure there will be more speculation, rumours, definitive statements of the completely made up variety, and much more until there is an announcement about who will be playing the Doctor in 2010. Which still seems quite crazy to me – never in the history of the original series was the BBC ever prepared to commit to production that far ahead, which says a lot about the level of success Doctor Who has achieved. It seems a lot of people can’t just sit back and enjoy it…