Logitech LX7 Wireless Optical Mouse

One of the problems with having two computers on my desk is the tangle of cables involved. While I’ve managed to get the keyboards sorted out with a minimum of tangling, the meeces were a different matter altogether. I recently bought a basic but quite nice Microsoft mouse for the Windows box, but the addition of the Mac Mini meant that I had to bring my basic and not very nice Dell mouse out of retirement. I did consider buying an actual Apple mouse, which would have gone with the keyboard, but after reading a few reviews, I decided that the “Mighty Mouse”, especially the wireless version was a bit too expensive and a bit too naff[1] for me. A bit of reading in forums led me to this particular mouse as an alternative. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac, runs off two AA batteries (allegedly for six months or so) and fits my quite large hand nicely. It moves smoothly over my mouse mat, and the buttons and scroll wheel all behave as expected. If you want to tweak its behaviour, you have to download the software from Logitech, as they don’t bother putting a CD in the box. But if you’re happy with the default behaviour, just plug in the USB dongle and you’ll be fine. Nice kit – for reasons that are not at all clear, Amazon have it in blue for a quite reasonable £19.98, or in grey for a quite expensive £34.94. I have the blue one, in case you were wondering. It’s a nice mouse for under £20. It’s a very nice cordless mouse for that price.

Update: I really like this mouse. It feels a lot more pleasant to use than just about any I’ve ever had. Well worth £20, if not more.

[1] It’s not one of their finer designs…