Torchwood is coming….

Now that the Doctor Who Christmas Special and Robin Hood are behind us, TV is once again in danger of becoming unbearably tedious. But what’s this? Could it be? Is it? Yes!! The long-awaited second series of Torchwood is coming soon! It’s been nearly a year since the first series ended, and we have at least seen Captain Jack unwind a bit while having fun with the Doctor. But now he has to settle back into his role as Defender of the Earth and leader of the slightly deranged Torchwood Cardiff crew[1]. Will he be the more relaxed, easy going and fun guy he is when he’s with the Doctor, or will he go back to his altogether darker side that we saw so much of in series one? And how will Martha get on with the Torchwood crew when she appears?

Whatever happens, it should be a lot of fun. And it’ll stop this time of year being a dire TV wasteland while we wait for Doctor Who to return.

[1] Which reminds me – I’ve got another Torchwood related picture to post…