WordPress 2.3.2 is out

Well, it’s been just over two months since the last update, so it had to be time for another security release of WordPress. This one fixes some security issues (not really of the OMG!!! We’re all going to die!! variety, but of enough concern to make updating worthwhile. It also (at last!!) allows for a custom error page to be used when WordPress can’t connect to its database, rather than the general “WordPress” error that has lead to much confusion over the last few years.

Basic information on the WordPress Development Blog, gory details available from Westi on WordPress, download it from the usual place, and mind-bogglingly quick and easy updates with Bryan Layman’s EasyWPUpdate script.

Version 2.4 with some new features and bits and bobs is due out in a month or so, but don’t wait until then – get your security updating done now.