Charles Stross – The Jennifer Morgue

And no sooner have I got round to talking about one Charles Stross book than I get round to the sequel. Bob Howard is back, and he has a new mission. This time, he’s teamed up with another agent in a desperate attempt to stop a megalomaniac from raising something Extremely Nasty from the ocean depths. Raising the Nasty Thing would be bad enough, but there are beings down there who take a dim view of people meddling in what they believe is their territory…

It wouldn’t be a Charles Stross book if it was as straightforward as that, of course. Bob finds himself acting according to a script someone else has written, conforming to an archetypal role. Even moderately awake readers will spot what’s going on before Bob does[1], but that only adds to the fun.

[1] I think it’s the moment he puts on the tux, and complains about how it’s damaging his geek rating[2] that makes it obvious just which role he’s being forced to play…
[2] A line I quite shamelessly stole when declining to attend an event which would have required me to wear a similar costume

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