Doctor Who – The Androids of Tara

The Key to Time – Story 4

In this story, the search for the fourth segment of the Key to Time is dealt with in the first five minutes, but before Romana can get it back to the Tardis, she finds herself caught up in an adventure quite openly based on The Prisoner of Zenda. On Tara, there is an odd mixture of technologies. The aristocrats don’t sully their hands with such “peasant skills” as err, making remarkably realistic androids. But they do like to use swords that deliver a nasty electric shock.

Romana bears a remarkable resemblance to the Princess Strella, which gets her into a lot of trouble when she’s captured by the deliciously evil Count Grendel[1]. Lots of fun follows, featuring androids, princes, sword fights and more.

Extras include a documentary on the making of the story, a short feature looking at the locations used in the story nearly thirty years on, and more.

[1] With a name like that, he just has to be the villain, doesn’t he?

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