Doctor Who – The Power of Kroll

The Key to Time – Story 5

The fifth story in the Key to Time series is reminiscent of one or two from the Jon Pertwee era. It’s got nasty commercial interests, it’s got an endangered native population, and it’s got the biggest monster that the series had ever seen. OK, the monster was a slightly unconvincing giant squid thingy, but the whole thing is done with such flair that such trivial details are easily forgiven.

In this story, the fifth segment of the Key to Time plays a significant role. Its power has had a major influence on events on Delta Magma, changing a squid-like creature into the mighty Kroll, worshipped as a god by the green-skinned “swampie” natives. Naturally, Kroll is the kind of god who demands the occasional sacrifice, and even more naturally, it’s Romana who’s first offered up…

Eventually, the Doctor and Romana sort everything out and the power of Kroll is removed when most of him is turned back into the fifth segment. Perhaps not the strongest of the stories in the season, but it has its moments…

There’s no “making of” on this disc, but there’s a nice documentary featuring Mary Tamm looking back at her time on the series, a look at Philip Madoc’s numerous appearances, and an archive clip of a local TV show going behind the scenes during production.

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