It’s not natural!

Surely this can’t be right! This is a screen capture of my Mac Mini, with something altogether un-Maclike in the middle! Yes, it’s Windows XP doing the ever-popular updates dance. It’s been so long since Service Pack 2 that the poor thing needs no less than 100 updates to bring it up to, err, date. The sooner SP3 is declared safe for use the better..

Voodoo, or something

Voodoo, or something

I’m running XP in a demo of VMWare Fusion, one of at least two virtual machine products for Mac OS X. Once it’s set up, it will allow me to run individual Windows applications without actually seeing Windows itself, and allow those applications to interact directly with the Mac – opening and saving files, cutting and pasting data, and all that kind of thing.

If it works as well as the various reviews I’ve read suggest, then it will be very useful indeed – there are one or two things that I have on Windows that have no real equivalent on the Mac. The most annoying of these is Microsoft Money, which I really rely upon. While there are some personal finance programs available, there are none that will do the useful thing of connecting to UK banks and downloading transactions. If this works, I’ll have solved that problem.

There is also the little matter of Photoshop, but I’ll have a separate rant about that…